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Nashville Trip – First Flight

In mid-October, we journeyed to Nashville for our first flight with babies. We survived. Flight one: I sat by a self-proclaimed “baby whisperer” who put both of them to sleep for me. Flight two: They let us bring a car seat on, so we let Noah sleep in his seat and tag-teamed with Luke. Success! (Fun fact: You can’t have 2 lap babies on the same row because there are only 4 masks that drop down in case of emergency. We couldn’t sit on the same row on the first flight, but we were able to on the second flight when there was an extra seat for our carseat. If you have one or two babies, always ask if there is room for you to bring your carseat onboard if you didn’t buy a ticket for your baby.)

The reason for our trip was that Joel had a conference in Philadelphia, so we thought it would be nice for me to go to Nashville while he was gone. So we flew to Nashville, Joel stayed for a day and then headed to Philly. We met up in the airport on the way home. We had a great trip – the boys got to meet Grandmommy, Uncle Adam, Brittney, lots more friends and family, and they got to spend some time with the grandparents and cousins too! We pushed them way past their limit on Sunday afternoon with a big family gathering, but they did really well the rest of the trip.

Grandmommy w/ Noah
Grandmommy w/ Noah
Uncle Adam w/ Luke
Uncle Adam w/ Luke


Brittney with Luke & Noah
Brittney with Luke & Noah
The boys with Granna, Granddad, cousins Evie and Amelia. Picture with new cousin Eleanor will come at Christmas!
The boys with Granna, Granddad, cousins Evie and Amelia. Picture with new cousin Eleanor will come at Christmas!
w/ Luke
Daddy gets to hold the boys after being gone for a couple of days
Joel gets to hold the boys after being gone for a couple of days (top Luke)
Luke is a fatty in this picture! He's really the skinny one.
Luke (right) is a fatty in this picture! He’s really the skinny one.


Christmas 2012

Is it March? Better late than never.

In December, we made the big drive south for Christmas. We had fun spending time with Matt & Erin & the girls in Dickson, my family in Nashville, and Joel’s parents in Birmingham, along with some friends sprinkled in there. We also got to see my extended family, but not surprisingly, I have no pictures. Our friends, the Mortons, were in Kansas, so we had a fun, short stay with them on the way back. We were unfortunately caught in a snowstorm the next day and had to stop an extra night, but we finally made it home!

DSC02654 DSC02655 DSC02659 DSC02668 DSC02675 DSC02677 DSC02680

Brittney’s Wedding

Here’s a round-up of some fun from Brittney’s wedding in June. It was such a privilege to be the matron of honor. Everything was beautiful, especially Brittney, and besides the intense heat, things pretty much went off without a hitch. We are SO happy for Brittney and Dupree…we just wish they would go for the fellowship in Denver!

Brittney, right after getting ready:


Brittney and Dupree:

The bridesmaids (photo by Jason Tucker, the photographer):

Brittney and me (photo by Jason Tucker)–and don’t count on my hair ever being that fancy again!:

The ceremony:

The wedding party:

Joel, me, Mom and Dad:


Nashville fun

We had a wonderful trip to Nashville around Labor Day. The weather was shockingly not hot which was such a blessing. We were hit with the humidity when we exited the airport, but it didn’t bother us again. During the trip, we were quite busy, but we had a great time visiting with family and friends. The highlights were Mandy’s wedding, seeing Joseph and Courtney’s new baby, having meals with my family, meeting up with Joel’s parents in Huntsville, going to Waverly to see Grandmommy, and visiting with the Fykes, Baxters, Huffards, Otts, Allyson, Dave, Brittney, and Joel’s old coworkers.

Joseph and Courtney with baby Noland:

Us with Noland:

Mom with Noland:

The Huffards:

Joel holding sleeping Noland in the sheep they received as a gift…I think it was called something like a Pillow Pal, and apparently they’re fancy?

Us in Huntsville at Monte Sano State Park with Joel’s parents (there wasn’t anyone to take a group shot):

Hiking with my parents at Radnor Lake:

We can’t wait for another visit!

Christmas Post

We have returned from our former home to our new home. The break was long and quite nice, almost the perfect number of days. We spent a lot of time with family and a little time with a lot of friends.

Here are a few highlights (starting with a non-highlight) from our trip.

1. We ran into terrible weather on our trip home. What should have been an 18 hour trip plus stops turned into nearly 27 hours, including 2.5 of sleep stops. We won’t make that trip again in the winter!

2. We ate lunch on Christmas Eve at Baja Burrito. Due to their extremely long holiday closure, that was the only meal of our entire visit that they were open. Glad I called ahead. Long live pineapple salsa.

3. We spent a lovely Christmas Eve with my family, eating at Finezza and exchanging gifts. Christmas brunch with my extended family and a somewhat polite game of dirty Santa rounded out the festivities on Christmas day. I can’t number how many failures to take pictures this makes for us.

4. We went to Birmingham and had a couple of nice relaxing days with Joel’s parents. Although better than my family’s event, we only managed to take approximately one picture.

Susan opening her mp3 player
Susan opening her mp3 player

5. We spent most not-previously-committed breakfasts, lunches, and dinners catching up with friends. (Williamses, Harrises, Wrights, Mankins/Smiths/Huffards for Joseph’s birthday, Otts, Joel’s old coworkers, Duty, Baxters, Youngs, Brittney, and Brad. Phew!)

6. We saw even more friends at the nice potluck Duty hosted on New Years’ Eve. We were the old, boring, married people who weren’t feeling the next party (so stereotypical, right?), so we finished the night with a movie since some other plans didn’t work out.

7. A celebration with my mom’s side of the family on New Years’ Day, minus my traveling brother, was the final event.

Dad, Jennie, and Elizabeth about to open gifts
Dad, Jennie, and Elizabeth about to open gifts
About to open my books from Grandmommy
About to open my books from Grandmommy
Breanna, Chad, and Emily
Breanna, Chad, and Emily

8. We had great weather on the drive home and had a much needed, fun visit with the Mortons in Newton, KS.

The Mortons and us
The Mortons and us

We are really thankful that Joel got so much time off of work so we could make the trip!

Back at it and baby time

After a long hiatus from my little sewing projects (almost entirely due to the discovery of gardening), I finally got back at it. I cut out all the pieces for this pink ball back before gardening season hit, but I never got around to sewing it. Tenopardgyse . I knew I wanted to make a ball for Ethan and Carla, but pink wasn’t going to work. So, I finished the pink one and made the other one for them last week.IMG_1557

I went to Nashville this week for work stuff, and since Ethan and Carla’s baby, Eli, came early, I got to see him! Here is a picture stolen from Carla’s facebook (unfortunately the only time I remembered to take a picture was the one time he cried during the times I visited!). Needless to say, he is a very good baby…ok he was great while I was there, but I think he’s a little troublemaker at night. :) We hate to be away while he’s growing up, but we’ll be excited to see him when we visit.


Just makes you say “aww…”

One more thing – while in Nashville, I got to meet Brittney’s horse! I’m not much of an animal person, but I liked that one.IMG_1308

How lovely

We had a big surprise on Sunday – a huge going away party from our church friends and family! Courtney told us we were having a ‘youth worker’ lunch, but little did we know that she and Carla were instead planning a big potluck for us. Here’s the picture from when we walked in.


Our youth worker picture with the Santiagos was blurry, but here’s one with the original 6 (and Carla all cute and pregnant!). We’ll miss working with the youth, but they are of course in good hands with Joseph and Courtney.


And finally, here are a couple of pictures of all of our sweet friends and family who came to wish us well. We’re going to miss everyone!

church party

Peta satelit dunia

Back in the swing…

We’re back, and in some ways it feels like we never left. I guess that’s how things are when you face the daily monotony of office jobs (which we are thankful for of course). Anyway, we had a great time! Excluding my terrible trials with allergies, the trip went really well. We’re still going through our pictures, so I want to make some posts about where we went when we’ve made it through them.

For now, I have two recommendations:

1. Serve God, Save the Planet: A Christian Call to Action. Cheesy name maybe? I read it on our trip home and really enjoyed it. It’s essentially a Christian doctor’s story of how his family made changes in their lives to care for creation. Our library doesn’t have it, so you might have to buy it here. :)

2. Nashville Originals. This group of Nashville restaurants has gift certificates going on sale in the morning for 40% off. Sshh…I called, and they said it should be a little before 7am. Buy them here.

How long have I lived here?

In my 25 years in Nashville, I’m not sure I had ever been on the Natchez Trace (except the big bridge) until about a week and a half ago. To celebrate the amazing weather, we went camping at the Meriwether Lewis area on the Trace. There were only a few others there, so it was a very nice, quiet evening.

CampingCamping Lauren

Camping JoelJoel camping 2

The next morning, we drove up the Trace and stopped at a few of the sites. Finally, we went to the Loveless Cafe. Yes, this was also my first time to ever go there. It seems that you often don’t do the tourist things in your own town. The biscuits were good, but since I don’t care for Southern food, I’m fine if I never go back.  I can check it off the list!


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