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Look at that…I’m behind. On with the fifth month. We had a lovely Thanksgiving dinner with friends, although we missed our families! Other than that, we just enjoyed our time and even walked downtown and back one day for a little outing.

Playing in the chilly living room
Playing in the chilly living room
Passed out on the floor
Passed out on the floor
Reading a book in bed
Reading a book in bed
Family photo on Thanksgiving
Family photo on Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving Dinner
Thanksgiving Dinner

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Is it March? Better late than never.

In December, we made the big drive south for Christmas. We had fun spending time with Matt & Erin & the girls in Dickson, my family in Nashville, and Joel’s parents in Birmingham, along with some friends sprinkled in there. We also got to see my extended family, but not surprisingly, I have no pictures. Our friends, the Mortons, were in Kansas, so we had a fun, short stay with them on the way back. We were unfortunately caught in a snowstorm the next day and had to stop an extra night, but we finally made it home!

DSC02654 DSC02655 DSC02659 DSC02668 DSC02675 DSC02677 DSC02680

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Here’s a round-up of some fun from Brittney’s wedding in June. It was such a privilege to be the matron of honor. Everything was beautiful, especially Brittney, and besides the intense heat, things pretty much went off without a hitch. We are SO happy for Brittney and Dupree…we just wish they would go for the fellowship in Denver!

Brittney, right after getting ready:


Brittney and Dupree:

The bridesmaids (photo by Jason Tucker, the photographer):

Brittney and me (photo by Jason Tucker)–and don’t count on my hair ever being that fancy again!:

The ceremony:

The wedding party:

Joel, me, Mom and Dad:


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Recently, we had a coed baby shower for our good friends, Lewis and Vanessa. I’m used to all girl baby showers, but guess what? When you have a mixed crowd, you don’t have to play any games! We had a lot of fun hanging out with everyone, and we’re excited for the baby to come!

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We had a lovely week in Nashville/Birmingham to celebrate Christmas. We spent a couple of days in Nashville, a couple in Birmingham, and then a couple more in Nashville. We spent some good time with family and friends, but we missed Joel’s brother’s family and my cousins (we can thank the job I got laid off from right before Christmas for that scheduling problem). Anyway, with friends we celebrated a new baby, and engagement, a birthday, and a new marriage. Lovely.

Here’s an action shot and a family photo at my parents’ house.

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Click here to see our 6th Annual Christmas e-card!

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We were s’mores! For full disclosure, we spent quite a while painting/texturing the back of the “graham crackers.” Unfortunately, the side with the straps showed up in the pictures!

This one is at a friend’s party.

This one is at Chipotle. We participated in a big neighborhood outreach Halloween event, and we headed to Chipotle afterward. They offered $2 burritos if you dressed like processed food. S’mores definitely fit the bill. They told us they were having an online contest for people who showed up in costume, so we took a picture. I guess we didn’t win, but the $2 burritos were great!

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