Joel - Born in WV, grew up in AL, college + 5 years in Nashville. Fancy web designer (s-12.com, but don’t call him a webmaster).  Former vacuuming enthusiast. Learning to enjoy books at wife’s insistence. Chronic shower-singer. Lover of carrots.

Lauren - Nashville native. Reluctant accountant/auditor. Aspiring…anything else (decided that a little late in the game). Learning to sew amid a burst of unexpected craftiness. Lover of treats, National Geographic, traveling, geography/cultures in general.

Us - We met at Lipscomb, and the rest was history. We were pretty opposite and still are in some ways, but we’ve come a long way. We married in Aug 2005, and have spent the time since then in a blissful fairy-land. Seriously, it shouldn’t be this wonderful! We are really searching for God’s plan for our lives, and we are praying for His guidance every day. He has really been molding us lately, and we want to show that in our lives as we glorify Him.

some of our interests:

  • food – cooking it, eating it, growing a little of it
  • traveling – we’ll go about anywhere and try to go as often as possible
  • God’s garden – we want to take care of it
  • journeying – trying to find our way and enjoying the process
  • serving – we’re working on this one, little by little
  • cleaning our house – just kidding, needs improvement
  • being generally ridiculous – usually takes place when it’s just the two of us
  • climbing – should be classified as a former interest, but we occasionally give it a little attention

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