Monthly Archives: November 2010

Night in a Box

Call us crazy, but this Friday night, we’re sleeping in a box downtown! We are raising money for a non-profit called Encompass that reaches out to single moms and kids who don’t have dads. These are the “hidden homeless,” as they, especially the kids, are often bounced around from place to place, maybe not knowing where they’ll stay from one night to the next.

There are so many single moms and fatherless kids in our community, and we want to provide the support they need as they deal with trials that many of us never faced. If you are able to support us at all, click this link. Most of all, please pray for us and this ministry! By the way, Joel said he’d give you a free  hug if you give more than $1.

PS – I’m doing the bookkeeping at Encompass now, in addition to volunteering, so we’re excited about it!

We won, we won! Kind of…

When I posted here about entering the Chipotle costume contest, I didn’t expect to hear anything from them. I couldn’t believe it when I got an email today saying we were “runner runner-ups!” There was 1 grand prize ($2500), 5 runners up ($1000), and 20 of us who get a burrito party for 20! I don’t know their criteria for selecting folks, but it doesn’t matter to us. :)

Here’s the link showing all the winners on their website:

Who are these people??

Every few months, I’ll check out the google analytics for our blog. This tells us how many visitors we’ve had, what countries people visit from, etc. Oh, and the best one is…what words people searched with in google that brought them to our site. I try to peruse these periodically, as they are sometimes hilarious.  Here are the number of times people searched with the following this year and found our site:

70 Mt Bancroft


23 joel and lauren

9 lauren and joel

You get the idea. There are many other permutations of our names, but here are some of the more interesting things people have used this year…

sheena mugavin (sorry sheena…4 people have looked for you!)

bathroom products “+your link” (wonder if they found what they were looking for?)

hotel-dieu filterui:color-color (I went to Hotel Dieu, but what does this even mean??)

laurenfat catz (should I be offended?)

lauren meat blog (our blog is definitely not about meat)

nashville is boring (I definitely did not post anything about that!) huge 5old year picture com (I don’t even know what to say)

If you are one of these searchers, feel free to confess. Otherwise, I will continue to check these out every once in a while and have a good laugh.

Yay for family visits

A few weeks ago, Matt, Erin, and Evie came to visit. We had a great time hanging out and showing them around town. Next time they come, Matt will be outnumbered 3 to 1! :)

We visited Boulder and the wonderful farmers’ market there.

We picked tomatoes at our house.

And we visited Rocky Mountain National Park, despite the yucky weather at Bear Lake.


We were s’mores! For full disclosure, we spent quite a while painting/texturing the back of the “graham crackers.” Unfortunately, the side with the straps showed up in the pictures!

This one is at a friend’s party.

This one is at Chipotle. We participated in a big neighborhood outreach Halloween event, and we headed to Chipotle afterward. They offered $2 burritos if you dressed like processed food. S’mores definitely fit the bill. They told us they were having an online contest for people who showed up in costume, so we took a picture. I guess we didn’t win, but the $2 burritos were great!