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A New Chapter

I am employed! I accepted a job last week and started today, doing accounting part-time at Mile High Youth Corps. While accounting isn’t the love of my life, I figure you can do lots of things as long as you aren’t doing it all the time. I think the job should be fine, and I’m happy to be somewhere where I appreciate what they’re doing. Essentially they put youth (often “troubled” youth) to work doing “green” jobs that improve urban communities, wilderness areas, etc., all while improving the environment. My job is dependent on government grants, so I guess the future isn’t totally certain. However, MHYC has benefited greatly from stimulus money, so now you can say you know of at least one good thing to come out of it if you were concerned!

San Francisco, Part 3

We began our day with breakfast at Dottie’s True Blue Cafe. It was excellent, and we highly recommend it to anyone visiting San Francisco. It wasn’t the cheapest breakfast, and we had to wait in line for a while even though we got there around 8:15, but it was sooo good. In fact, Joel went back twice with co-workers later in the week!

After breakfast, we headed across the Golden Gate Bridge to the Muir Woods National Monument.

This was a repeat of our honeymoon. It is amazing to see all the enormous redwoods.

Nothing like a good school picture pose on a huge fallen tree.

Then we headed to the Muir Beach Overlook.

We attempted to relive a wonderful honeymoon burrito experience at Grilly’s in Sausalito, but sadly, it was closed for renovations. In loving memory of the burrito is this picture from 2005.

Next, we headed back into the city  to Crissy Field for a nice view of the Golden Gate Bridge.

We took a quick trip down Lombard Street

…and finished the day with a giant loaf of sourdough bread from Tartine Bakery. It’s in the Mission district, which is packed with hipsters sporting ironic mustaches and super tight jeans. Totally worth it. And yes, I put it in my suitcase to bring home.

The end.

San Francisco, Part 2

When we went to San Francisco the first time, we purposely skipped Alcatraz. Although we were obviously tourists, it just seemed too touristy. However, this time we read up, and Alcatraz was said to be worth it, even on the “Top 10 Things Not to Do in San Francisco” list. It was a good tour. I was more interested in the families that lived on the island than the prison/prisoners, but it was intriguing overall.

View of the island from the ferry:

Cell block:


Us with the city in the background:

Ca-caw! There were seagulls everywhere:

Surprisingly, there are a number of gardens on the island, maintained by volunteers.

On the ferry ride back to the city:

And finally, on the way back to our hotel, we ran into group of old Chinese men playing instruments. Most of them are playing traditional instruments (uncommon in America at least), but there was one guy playing cello and one on banjo. I love stuff like this!

We finished the evening with a birthday dinner at Brindisi, an Italian place. It was in an alley, and it was funny to me: When we walked in the alley, I felt just like I was in Europe…in a touristy area where there are loads of outside tables and hosts beckoning you to their restaurant, but in Europe just the same. Here’s a picture from peter.l on flickr.

San Francisco, Part 1

Almost 5 years ago, we went to San Francisco and Yosemite National Park on our honeymoon. We loved both of course. This week, Joel has a work conference in San Francisco. I had a free plane ticket, so it looked like a fun, but short, weekend was necessary.

Here’s the rundown on our Saturday.

We started out by heading to Golden Gate Park. It’s an enormous park right in the city (bigger than Central Park!). Here are some of the things we saw there. Conservatory of Flowers; Lawn Bowling (new to us); Pollarded trees at the Music Concourse Area; Pagoda, landscape, and interesting bridge in the Japanese Tea Garden; and us taking a break.

Next we got explored Chinatown and got dim sum (and blueberries) for lunch.

We went up to the base of the Coit Tower. Here’s a side by side with us from our honeymoon (night shot). Joel wore that shirt the day before this picture was taken. Too bad he didn’t have it on in both shots!

In an effort to not make a book here, I will finish my Saturday post later with Alcatraz pictures.

Birthday Clubs Might Change Your…

Week. Your birthday week, that is.

I love birthday clubs. Maybe you should too. Here are some of the free things I’ve gotten in the last couple of weeks:

-Free ice cream w/ mix-in at Coldstone Creamery

-Free scoop at Ben & Jerry’s

-Free scoop at Baskin Robbins

-$10 gift coupon to World Market

-Free entree at Kona Grill

-Free bowl at Genghis Grill (closest one to Denver is 4 hours away!)

-20% off coupon at Ten Thousand Villages

-Free chocolate fondue at the Melting Pot

-Free drink at Starbucks

-$10 off of $50 at

I won’t be using the Melting Pot or Godiva ones (or of course Genghis Grill), but hopefully I’ll use the rest of them that I haven’t already. Happy birthday to me! (almost)

Part-Time Management Position

A couple of weeks ago, I received this in the mail:


Let’s go through the warnings exhibited here.

1. It was written in all caps. (who does that?)

2. It was an unsolicited postcard from someone in Nashville to my address that is obviously in Denver about a “job.”

3. It’s signed “M.C. Foster” – so I can’t look him up online

4. There is no company name…scam perhaps??

Overall, there is nothing looking positive about this…except perhaps a future blog post. I called him (I have lots of time on my hands). Here are some of the highlights of this amazing opportunity:

-We help save everyone money.

-His son quit his job and moved to TN to help him with this business.

-You are paid daily, can get a bonus weekly.

-There is a conference in Plano, TX in June. 2000-3000 people. Most are women, some making 6-7 figures. (hmm…)

-You can have your own website…up to 8 websites!! (all my dreams are coming true)

-He and his son can help me with 3 way calls if I need help. (awesome.)

So, you may be wondering, what is this company about? At this point in the call, I still had no idea. He labored through giving me a web address to look up his son’s website, and then he told me about an exciting phone call where they would tell me everything they do in 15 minutes. Oh boy. I looked up the website, and it looks like you sell some kind of discount plan to people…and apparently try to get others hooked into selling because you get a cut of their revenue. This was obvious because he said he bought a list that had my name on it. Great.

Needless to say, I am still unemployed.

Babies…it’s not what you think

So there’s a movie coming out called Babies. I didn’t think too much of it…until I saw the trailer! The movie chronicles the first year or so (?) of 4 babies in 4 places: San Francisco, Tokyo, Mongolia, and Namibia. This is a great opportunity to see into the lives of people in those places…and I love to learn about other places/cultures! Seriously, please watch this trailer (2:26 min). It is pretty great. I thought this link would be directly to the trailer, but just click “Watch the Trailer” when you get there.

Check out this picture of the baby in Namibia.

I found out about this movie through Bzzagent, a program that occasionally lets me sample products. I had no intention of actually blogging about this until I saw that trailer and got excited about it! If they give me access to any other content I deem worthy of posting, I’ll do it.