It’s going to happen

I planned to try canning this past year, but moving fell right at the time I would can anything. So this year it is, and today marked the start. Here are my purchases of today:

Large dusty canning pot (or whatever you call it): $3 at an insane estate sale.

Box of 12 Le Parfait 1/4 liter ┬ájars: $17.50 on eBay ($1.45 each). The best price I found elsewhere on 1/2 liter jars was around $5 each, so this seemed like a steal. Regular jars are cheaper, but I know some people are becoming wary of the BPA in the coating on the lids. Since I hadn’t bought any jars yet, I thought I’d go for the old-timey glass lidded type. Oh, the seller was in a Denver suburb, so I saved $12 on shipping by picking them up. And, when I picked them up, he had a bunch more for sale at 5 for $20…I win! :) Ok, I have to stop or Joel will reprimand me for going on about my deals.

3 thoughts on “It’s going to happen

  1. Love your deals! I was going to have my great grandma teach me to cann this winter, but then I moved to Utah :(.

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