Monthly Archives: February 2010

My largest project

Well, this is my largest project to date (not difficult, just large). I know we will think this fabric is hideous in a somewhat short period of time, but it’s fun for now (especially in our bland bathroom). I thought it would be difficult due to the shape of the shower, but it wasn’t bad at all. And with this, I am off to an interview. We’ll see how it goes, but I am happy to at least have a little interest!

Dear Verizon,

I have two things to share with you:

1. Thank you for the $60 credit you gave us the last two months. I really appreciated the $26 bill. I wasn’t sure what it was for, but I was unsure (ethically) if I should ask you or not. Now that my bill is back to normal, I understand it was a promotional credit.

2. Please make a smaller plan. This month, we only used 190 of our 700 minutes, so that would be very helpful to us and perhaps other non-phonelovers.



Napkin time

When we moved, my first sewing project was going to be making napkins. Wellllll….it took me a little while to get around to it. A month or two ago, I made 4 pretty shoddy napkins because I was tired of being out of napkins. Finally last week, I buckled down and made some decent ones from some Anna Maria Horner fabric I had (too small for most projects, but not quite scraps). While not nearly approaching the efforts of Mandy and Carrie (round 2, round 3, round 4!!), I made 11. They are different sizes and don’t match my house, but they’re fun. Joel and I don’t mind ours several times before washing, so 11 should be enough.

Fancy times

Just kidding. Two weekends ago, we headed to the Aspen area (fancy) to ski with my cousin Lea. As all hotel rooms in Aspen are $3-400+, we stayed at the Days Inn in Carbondale. To make the most of our time, we wanted to hit some local hot springs while we were there. Penny Hot Springs = disappointment. Here  you can tell just how crazy-deep it was…

We talked to our friend at the Days Inn, and he told us about another natural hot springs. Funny enough, it was right across the river from the Glenwood Hot Springs, which is a big swimming pool with hot water for $13.50/person. This one was great. Joel bravely worked himself in first and swirled the hot and cold water around for us.

The next day, we headed to Buttermilk and spent a lovely day skiing with my cousin. We really liked Buttermilk!

On a sad note, we drove all the way to Keystone on Saturday. We were in line to get on the gondola when the scanner-lady told us our particular tickets were blacked out that day. They would do nothing for us, even though the pass said nothing about black-out dates, and the sales person didn’t mention it to us. Ugh. So, we got to drive back home through the snowstorm for an unfortunately wasted day.

It’s going to happen

I planned to try canning this past year, but moving fell right at the time I would can anything. So this year it is, and today marked the start. Here are my purchases of today:

Large dusty canning pot (or whatever you call it): $3 at an insane estate sale.

Box of 12 Le Parfait 1/4 liter  jars: $17.50 on eBay ($1.45 each). The best price I found elsewhere on 1/2 liter jars was around $5 each, so this seemed like a steal. Regular jars are cheaper, but I know some people are becoming wary of the BPA in the coating on the lids. Since I hadn’t bought any jars yet, I thought I’d go for the old-timey glass lidded type. Oh, the seller was in a Denver suburb, so I saved $12 on shipping by picking them up. And, when I picked them up, he had a bunch more for sale at 5 for $20…I win! :) Ok, I have to stop or Joel will reprimand me for going on about my deals.

Weekend with the Mankins

The Mankins visited weekend before last, and we were worried they wouldn’t make it due to the snow in Nashville! Good thing we have a lot more snow in the mountains here so they didn’t miss too much. After their most exciting announcement of their upcoming family addition (baby in August!), we decided to go to Rocky Mountain National Park instead of skiing. We had a great time, and Joel and I can’t wait to go back in the summer. Here are a few pictures, and a lot more are on our picture website.

We had some fun at Red Rocks…

…visited the big bear at the Denver Convention Center…

…and played on the frozen lake at City Park.

We had a wonderful weekend, and we can’t wait to meet their baby in a few months.

It’s a cold February day…

…when you’re down to your last butternut squash. That’s right, folks, we went from


I must admit that a few of them went bad while they sat around, so probably 3-4 went straight to the compost. This guy was the only one that had a major blemish, so I’m a little worried about it, but we’ll hope for the best. Until we meet again this fall, it’s been fun, butternut squash.

Fun with friends

Two weekends ago, the Fykes came to visit us. We spent a couple of fun evenings at a condo “near” Winter Park that we got at the YES auction. We spent the first day skiing, but they haven’t had much snow out there in a while. We hit numerous icy spots!

Due to the weather, we headed back to Denver the next day, stopping by Red Rocks on our way home. Thankfully it was much warmer than when Adam came! We can’t wait until their summer concert schedule comes out, because we’d love to catch a show there.

Sunday afternoon, we went to Mt Falcon Park in Morrison, CO to do a little hiking. The trail was icy here and there, but we had a good time.

It may not have been the best-timed weekend, but we were so glad to see the Fykes!