Garden Wrap-Up

Sadly, we had to leave our garden behind. We will miss that guy (and definitely wouldn’t have put all that $ into it if we knew we were moving!), but we’ll start a new one in Denver. Here’s a picture from a week or two ago when we were packing one day…and yes, the little marigold seedling exploded into a giant bush!


We also had…ahem…a few butternut squash. No one seemed too interested in them, so I forced my mom to take 2, and the rest of them are somewhere in America in a box on the moving truck. That’s right, we are paying to move these babies.


8 thoughts on “Garden Wrap-Up

  1. the last picture made me smile……..because I’m picturing Lauren’s face as she says “heck no we’re not leaving these behind!”

  2. You are so right! I spent too much time and sweat moving those dumb vines around so Joel could mow under them to leave all the fruits behind!

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