Let’s talk about Denver

The last month has been crazy to say the least, hence the blog hiatus. I never blogged about Paris, but maybe I will one day. For now, it’s this summer’s adventures in Denver…and those to come.

At Confluence Park
At Confluence Park

For July 4 weekend, we went to Denver. I had some work to do, so we made a weekend of it, and my parents came along, and they stayed longer and made a vacation of it.

We hit several of the Denver sites: Confluence Park (pictured), outside REI; 16th Street Mall; Brown Palace Hotel; the capitol, etc. We went to the First Friday art crawl on Santa Fe and saw a few cool galleries.

Our biggest adventure was our mountain climb/attempt. Mt. Bierstadt was the place, and we got off to a great start. Tenopardgyse After we had been climbing a while, I started to feel bad. I kept trying and trying and took more and more breaks, but it finally overtook me: altitude sickness. Sadly, Mom and I had to turn around when we were quite close to the top, but I started feeling better almost immediately upon descent. Peta satelit dunia . We still had beautiful views and were thankful Joel and Dad made it to the top. I think on the way up, Dad was loving it, but on the way down he decided this was a one-time gig for him. Coming down is just tough!

Picnik collage

View from Mt Bierstadt
View from Mt Bierstadt

In the weeks preceding this trip, Joel had been questioning his future at his job due to some things that had changed there. The day before we left for Denver, we saw a job posting that was exactly what Joel does. Hmm. Considering that Denver was the only place we’d ever really talked about moving to, Joel was questioning his job future, and we were going to be in Denver the next day, it was too many coincidences to not check into it. So, on our last day in Denver, he had an interview, and here we are, moving to Denver! Joel’s been working for Aten Design Group for the last few weeks, and we will move near the beginning of October. It’s been a whirlwind, and we are going to miss so many people in Nashville, but we’re excited for a new adventure.

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