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Traveling and Travel Crafting

Here we go again…another fun trip! We love love traveling and try to go anywhere any chance we get. Joel’s sister-in-law’s parents have lived in Paris for the last few years, and they think this is their last year. We had talked back and forth about trying to get over there before they left, but we had never gotten serious about it. While trying to decide where to take a trip this year, I set up a bunch of fare alerts on Kayak, where they email you if a ticket goes below the price you set. We got a good price for a flight to Madrid, and here we go! We’re going to Madrid and Barcelona in Spain and then on to Beaune and Paris in France. We’re very very excited, and we leave tomorrow!

With a big trip comes things you need (or you think you need). I decided I needed some bag I could carry along that could easily be stowed in my backpack when we get there. I decided I could remake one of the grocery bags I made earlier with some cute fabric. Even with lining it, it went a good bit faster this time.img_0710

Joel then had the interesting idea of making covers for our guidebooks. img_0716Yes, we know we are tourists, and we know it’s obvious, but why shout about it if you don’t have to? :) So, now we at least have cute books.

Ok I’ve really got to pack now! And I have even one more small craft project to do tonight before we can finish packing…

Food and Traveling – our two favorites!

Things have been very crazy around our house lately. We are going on a big trip Saturday, so we’ve been trying to plan as much as we can. (more on that later)
As if we had lots of extra time, we decided to make a real garden this year.  We would love to increase the amount of local and organically grown food we eat to decrease the amount of miles food is transported to us (read: emissions and resource consumption). Plus, who knows how old it is once it gets to the grocery?

We had just tomatoes two years ago, then tomatoes, a few pepper plants, and several herbs last year, but we’ve added more now! We bought a 4′x8′ raised bed kit at Gardens of Babylon at the Farmers Market. What we bought are two levels of non-chemically treated, locally cut cedar planks and a 1/2 ton of horse compost. Putting the bed together wasn’t too hard, but trying to get it level was very difficult in our sideways sloping yard. One of the levels was bowed, so we had an adventure trying to straighten it.

Once we finally got it together, we had to wait quite a while until it wasn’t so rainy before we could finally plant. But now, ta-da! img_0687

We semi-used a method called Square Foot Gardening to encourage ourselves to plant as many things as we could. There are a few empty squares, but they are near plants that might need more than 1 square foot. We planted tomatoes, peppers, onions, yellow squash, butternut squash, zucchini, jalapeño peppers, and lettuce. We’re a little late on the lettuce, but we’ll see how it goes. Here’s a picture of our little herb area. img_0689 We had to put one tomato plant in there because they get so big. Peta satelit dunia . We’ve set up a water timer and soaker hoses to water while we’re gone, so hopefully all will go well. We’re excited to have some veggies, but it will be a while before they’re ready.


We went to see Sin Nombre last night. Due to content, this is not a movie we would generally go see, but we decided that we should since the subject matter is so pertinent to today’s world. The main character is a member of the La Mara gang in Mexico. Through a series of hard-to-watch events, he becomes involved with a family immigrating to the US from Honduras.

The most difficult parts of the movie were those involving the gang. Granted, it’s a movie, not a documentary, but it’s hard to fathom that people live that lifestyle. However, it’s also hard to imagine how you couldn’t get caught up in it if you were raised in certain situations. I’m sure the movie would fuel the fire of those who consider our southern neighbors “those people,” but it shows us two other things: 1. Peta satelit dunia Why people want to leave and 2. The horrible journey they are willing to undertake to leave. The movie was very difficult to watch, and perhaps depressing, but I’m grateful for the insights we gained.

There are two things I recommend to learn a little about the painful immigration journey:

1. “Mexico’s Other Border” from the February 2008 National Geographic

2. “Wetback – the Undocumented Documentary” – also by National Geographic (available through netflix)

Some of the information in these overlaps, but they are very eye-opening.

Deals, deals

I will admit: I am a couponer. I haven’t always been, but I’ve been using them for maybe the last year or so. I had a particular victory last night that I thought I should share. Publix has Kashi frozen entrees for 50% off, which is $1.75. I had 3 coupons for $2.00 off, so I actually made $.25 on each of them! That made me laugh a little.

Also, Kroger is having a promotion this week where they are tripling coupons up to $.99 through Saturday May 9. They’ll triple your first 20 coupons (as if most people would have that many). Tenopardgyse I happened to have one coupon for $.50 on something last night that was $1.88, so it ended up only being $.38. Another giggle from me.

One more thing: I read this on someone’s blog who posts all kinds of deals. Usually it’s for stuff I have no use for, but this time there was something interesting. is offering Foxe’s Book of Martyrs as a free download this month. That’s a book on my list, so I’m downloading it now. Their interface leaves something to be desired, as you have to download 14 files separately, but I can’t complain since it’s free!  Here’s where you can get it.